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I utilize breathwork, nervous system support, mentorship, and community with other womento facilitate brave, intimate, healing spaces for you to reconnect to yourself. 

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We tend to think of love as something that happens outside of us. Something that solely exists to be given to other people or things. Self-love isn’t loving every part of ourselves at every moment, but it is showing ourselves compassion and understanding. It’s dedicating time to our well-being and learning to honor all aspects of who we are. 

We were created from love and it exists within all of us. Without acknowledging and nourishing this love we will continue to look outside of ourselves to fill a void. 

With self-love, you can exchange love. Without self-love, you can only seek love.

When we love ourselves, we know we are already whole beings.

When we love ourselves, we don’t intentionally harm others.

When we love ourselves, we live consciously and with purpose.

When we love ourselves, we spread love in all our interactions. 

When we love ourselves, we lift others. 

Self-love is the antidote to perpetual suffering. 

Embody the love you give so freely to others. 

Love yourself as you would a child, without conditions and judgments. 

Love yourself and let yourself be loved. 

Ways to practice self-love:

Emotional healing

To feel is to heal and to heal is to grow. What are you carrying around that is weighing you down? What triggers you? These are signs of healing opportunities. Healing can take many forms, inner child work, journaling, therapy, a creative outlet, somatic practices, or breathwork. 

Set boundaries

Setting boundaries is making clear what you will and will not stand for. You can set boundaries around your time, your commitments, how people treat you, and who and what you allow into your life. 

Take care of your body

We are only given one body, treat it with utmost kindness. Nurture yourself through nourishing foods. Move your body regularly in a way that feels good; walking, dancing, hiking, biking, or yoga. Invest in a form of bodywork that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation; massage, acupuncture, reflexology, or cranial sacral therapy.  

Keep your promises

Honoring the promises we make to ourselves is the ultimate form of self-love. It shows our consciousness that we can be trusted and that we are valuable and worthy. If you make a commitment to wake up early, go for a daily walk, ditch the caffeine, whatever it is- keep the promise you make to yourself.  

Find what makes everything else melt away and do that regularly

Reading, talking with friends, creating art, sacred time with prayer or meditation, hiking, gardening, a hot bath, writing, or dancing. 

“Love is what brings us back to life.” -Mary Magdalene Revealed

May 15, 2023


Start today →

Let's embark on this journey of healing together.

Start your story of transformation today.

start today →

Let's embark on this journey of healing together.

Start your story of transformation today.