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Frequently Asked Questions

Each session will begin with a 10-15-minute intake where we will discuss any goals, specific emotions, or topics you would like to address in the session. Not all sessions need a central focus, you always have the option to go into a session with an openness to what surfaces. 

After intake, the breathing portion will start with 20-35 minutes of active breathing lying down. During this time curated music will play while I watch for cues to offer guidance and support. After the active breathing, you will remain lying down and return to normal breathing for a 10-minute rest. 

At the end of the session, you will have an opportunity to process in a way that feels right for you-journaling, verbal discussion, or internally. 

Each session will run 60-75 minutes depending on how much dialogue is needed before and after the breathwork. When scheduling please keep in mind you will need a space free of any interruptions and distractions (pets, children, partners, etc.). If possible allow yourself some time after our session is complete for further integration. 

When we tend to our emotional body, our physical body follows suit. Breathwork addresses all parts of us; mind, body, and spirit.
  • Reduced stress, pain, constriction, and blockages.
  • Increased clarity, self-awareness, presence, and love.
  • Emotional release of trauma, anxiety, fear, depression, grief.

Somatic means “relating to the body”. Somatic-based practices are body-centered and focus on the mind-body connection. In our work together these practices may include breathwork, guided visualizations, presence work, dance, or other forms of movement.